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The consequences for an Assault – Family Violence accusation are different in a number of ways from other misdemeanors. 

First, as soon as a person is arrested upon an allegation of Assault Family Violence and brought before a magistrate, the magistrate often issues an order known as an Emergency Protection Order (EPO) that regulates the conduct of the accused person.  The EPO frequently forbids the accused person from returning home, or coming within a certain distance of within schools, homes, and places of employment. 

  An Assault Family violence conviction may prohibit the convicted person from ever again possessing a firearm under Federal law.  Unlike most other misdemeanor offenses,  an Assault-Family violence offense- even if you receive Deferred Adjudication- can never be Non Disclosed (sealed).  This means that if you are convicted or placed on deferred for an Assault- Family violence offense you will have a permanent record of the fact of your arrest for that offense.

If you are not a U.S. Citizen and you are accused of an Assault- Family violence, you may have immigration consequences and should consult an Immigration lawyer.  Finally, a second or subsequent conviction for Assault – Family violence may subject you to a Felony level char

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