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24 hour jail release. Call 214 995 8513 for immediate assistance.

If your loved one has been arrested in Plano or Frisco, you may have been informed by the jail staff that you need a writ bond, sometimes called an attorney bond. I can assist you in obtaining immediate release for your friend or family member by filing a so called “writ bond” with the proper authorities.

When someone is arrested in Plano or Frisco, they are typically taken to the city jail before they are eventually transferred to the County detention center in McKinney. The arrested person will not be released until they can post a bond. There is often a considerable delay between the time a person is arrested and the time a bond is set.

The filing of a writ bond by an attorney has the effect of setting a bond immediately, without the necessity of waiting for a magistrate to set the bond.

Call 214 995 8513, twenty four hours a day for assistance.

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