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Derk Wadas

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Recently, there was a short lived policy that prohibited attorneys from filing writ bonds for clients in Collin county who were arrested for DWI, 2nd offense or a DWI with a breath test result of .15 or higher. 

  Essentially, the filing of a writ bond allows a person who has been arrested on a misdemeanor charge in Collin county to be released from bail prior to seeing a magistrate.  Without the filing of a writ bond by an attorney, an arrested person will have to wait to see a magistrate and have bond set before they are eligible for release. 

The recent policy blocked attorneys from filing writs (or attorney bonds) on the following DWI arrests:

• DWI 1st offense with a BAC higher than .15; and
• DWI 2nd;

The policy has been modified to allow attorneys to file writ bonds for their clients on the above type of cases.  However, the new policy now requires people arrested for DWI 2nd offense or DWI with a .15 or higher  to have an Ignition Interlock device installed on any car that they own or operate as a condition of bond. 

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