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I noticed a newspaper article last week that discussed the potential for new and additional DWI/ drug courts for Collin County.  I was pleased to read that an additional court of this nature might be established in Collin County.

DWI/ drug courts are specialized programs for people who agree to be accepted into the program.  The DWI/drug court provides a level of intense supervision and accountability for those in the program that is above and beyond the sort of post conviction supervision typcially provided to probationers.


The DWI/drug courts are a win- win. What I mean by win-win is that the taxpayers, those funding the court system, in terms of reduced costs to the taxpayer.  The taxpayers win because by identifying appropriate candidates for the program, these type of courts can reduce the rate of recidivism for its graduates. When DWI/ drug courts graduate people who become clean and sober, those people resume their lives as working, taxpaying productive members of society. 

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